Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Peoples' Bailout- Take Back the Housing


As the government continues to bailout the mega corporations responsible for this economic crisis- by taking our tax money, without our permission, and giving it to the wealthy- some organizations and individuals are moving their own bailout.

Since October 2007, Take Back the Land has been identifying vacant government owned and foreclosed homes and liberating them by moving homeless people into people-less homes- without permission from the government or the banks. This is the real bailout.

So, as this country celebrates the Pilgrims- who took over land without permission from the owner- we must think about using land to benefit people, not just corporations. We assert that our right to housing supercedes the corporate right to profit.

Below are three stories about the Take Back the Housing campaign by Take Back the Land, including a news video from Tuesday, November 25. You can get more information at


Max Rameau


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