Sunday, October 05, 2008

BUY THIS BOOK NOW: The Green Collar Economy by Van Jones


I am writing to URGE you to order a new and important book by activist Van Jones: The Green Collar Economy: How one solution can fix America's two biggest problems (Published by HarperOne; ISBN 978-0-06-165075-8)

To order go to:

Providing the ultimate in win-win solutions, Jones, the leading voice for a "green economy" with a focus on "green collar jobs" centered in inner city communities, eloquently argues that creating green collar jobs will revive the stagnant US job market, as most of this work cannot be outsourced. As an added bonus, these clean, environmentally friendly jobs will be replacing those which previously contributed to the pollution and destruction of the planet.

You should order this book for two reasons: first, the information and analysis in the book is critical to our understanding of this global environmental crisis, and one of the potential solutions to the problem. As if that were not enough, the "green economy" takes on an even greater significance in the context of the potential collapse of the US financial system. And second, because when an important book is written by a person of conscience, we must support the effort or risk the system blocking future attempts at mass publishing.

In short, if you are one of those who complains about the state of mass media, TV and books and do not buy this book, you have no business complaining, because you are part of the reason they will not publish and promote good books. On the plus side, you will surely enjoy the latest books detailing the inside story of OJ Simpson in jail and Paris Hilton at the club.

To date, no Black author has ever written an environmental bestseller. Here, this long time activist has penned a thoughtful and thought provoking book which will likely provide a roadmap for a growing sector of the US economy in coming years. A Black author writing about the environment, with the Black community at the center of the solution. Help make this a best seller by ordering your book by Tuesday, October 7, shooting this book to the top of the sales charts. It is important on so many levels.

For the record, I know and respect Van, but receive no compensation or consideration for this email or your purchase of the book. I am asking you because I think the book is important and the subsequent opportunities for good political books are immeasurable. Put your money where your politics are and buy this book.

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Max Rameau


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