Friday, November 16, 2007

BG Beaugris Funeral Saturday 10AM

The funeral for Gracia "BG" Beaugris, killed by Miami-Dade police office Christopher Villano, will be held on Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 10:00am at the New Birth Baptist Church, 2300 NW 135th St. in Opa-Locka.

BG was shot to death on October 25, less than 100 feet from his own front door. After completing his father's laundry, BG stood yards from his home with his brother and two friends when Miami-Dade police officer Christopher Villano jumpout out of his unmarked cars because the young men looked "suspicious." After searching each of them, Villano found nothing- no weapons, drugs or stolen goods- and the youth began asking why they were targeted. Villano physically attacked BG, ultimately shooting him a total of three times, two while BG lie on the ground.

Since BG's slaying, three others have been killed by Miami-Dade police, including Roger Brown who on November 8 was tased, kicked in the face and beaten with batons before being hogtied and thrown in the back of a police car on 95th Street and NW 17th Ave. Brown died a short time after.

Childhood friends Michael Knight and Frisco Blackwood were driving a friend home on November 11 when police stopped the vehicle, allegedly for running a red light, and surrounded it with weapons drawn. Fearful for his life, Blackwood followed orders to lower his window, but he accidentally put the vehicle in neutral rather than in park. As the SUV resettled on the uneven ground, police open fired, killing the two unarmed men and wounding the female passenger.

These killings are the direct result of the latest round of aggressive police tactics targeting Black communities such as Liberty City, Little Haiti, North Miami and elsewhere.

Several community organizations, including CopWatch, planned a demonstration in front of the Miami-Dade police station for Saturday to protest BG's killing. However, due to the funeral arrangements, the protest will be postponed. That means the 2:00pm protest at the Miami-Dade police station is canceled.

The viewing for BG Beaugris will be held on Friday, November 16, 2007 from 6:00pm until 10:00pm, at the St Fort Funeral Home, 16480 NE 19th Ave.

We encourage everyone to attend the funeral.


Max Rameau
a project of the Center for Pan-African Development


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