Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rally at Umoja Village Shantytown


On Thursday, January 11, 2007, at 6:00pm, everyone is invited to a rally against Gentrification and for Low-Income Housing for all at the Umoja Village Shantytown, on the corner of 62nd St. and NW 17th Ave., in the Liberty City section of Miami, FL.

As you know, because of overwhelming community support, the city of Miami has pulled the anti-shantytown ordinance from its agenda. We invite everyone to join us to celebrate today and prepare to resume work tomorrow.

At the rally, meet other supporters of the shantytown and others in the fight for low-income housing. Hear from other organizations and get involved in the movement for social justice. We will also announce plans for a Week of Action Against Gentrification and for Low-Income Housing, set for January 29th through February 3rd, also known as Superbowl week.  While Miami-Dade County wants to maintain the illusion of glamour and glitz, many of us are forced to deal with the reality of poverty and government corruption. During Superbowl week, everyone will be reminded of the reality.

The Umoja Village was founded on October 23, 2006 in response to the crisis of gentrification and affordable housing and the government's role- especially Miami-Dade County- in creating that crisis. The Shantytown currently houses and feeds over 40 otherwise homeless people.

We are asking everyone who can to come with a side dish (rice, potato salad, fruits, veggies, anything) and a donation of some sort (money, bottled water, clothes, canned food, blankets, hand soap, paper plates, plastic forks, etc.). The village runs entirely from donations, so you can write a check to 'Take Back the Land' or make a paypal payment by clicking here.


Max Rameau
Take Back the Land
a project of the Center for Pan-African Development


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